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The Ronnie & Joe Optical Salon is a retail gallery that speaks to the lifestyle of eyewear. We believe in creating special moments and we strive to create an unparalleled retail experience far different from the traditional optical store. We recognized the need for such a curated and personal experience when we found ourselves, as customers, searching for this kind of retail environment and service.

Designed by renowned architect Ed Calma, our retail spaces are meant to provoke dialogue between the eyewear and the consumer, allowing each of our brands to tell their story while customers immerse themselves in discovery.

We want you to love visiting our shops where our staff of eyewear stylists and enthusiasts will help make selecting your eyewear the exciting experience that it is intended to be. Want to see how you’ll feel in a pair of glasses? Try them on and see if they feel comfortable. Need a recommendation? We’re happy to offer some suggestions. Bring your enthusiasm, it won’t be out of place.


Eyewear Standard

At Ronnie & Joe, we are guided by our belief that great brands are born out of their desire to change the status quo. At the brand’s core is “The Eyewear Standard”, our guiding principle and philosophy in selecting the brands we partner with. We believe that luxury eyewear is not bound by designer logos and seasonal trends but reflected by heritage, tradition and expert craftsmanship. The brands we choose to work with are specialists in their field and their standards are the cornerstone of their business.

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The Concierge by Ronnie & Joe is our take on customer service. We built this program with a clear goal to redefine what service meant to us in a retail environment. It is our belief that service requires no handbook or set formula but is ultimately about working towards better understanding each and every customer that engages with us. Our trained eyewear specialists and opticians have extensive knowledge of our products and will be available to work with you through any issues and support you may need.

We’ve exclusively partnered with Nikon, a name synonymous with “the word’s finest lenses”, to elevate the customer experience, offering state of the art eye-examination rooms fully equipped with the latest innovation in Nikon technology.


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The name Ronnie & Joe pays homage to our founder’s grandfather Joe and his twin brother Ronnie. For nearly half a century, the two brothers were known to don bold and iconic eyewear designs. The twins were equally admired for their political contributions, their involvement in the growth of local industries, and their steadfast support of the Filipino people. The brand, Ronnie & Joe, aims to embody the spirit and philosophy of not just those twins but also of the time to which they belonged, to celebrate the sensibilities of an era that defined these men.

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